Concede retirement benefits as a journalist to Riccardo Orioles

My name is Luca Salici and I am an Italian journalist, I was born in Catania, Sicily, thirty-four years ago. I have been living and working in Rome for a decade. I am father of a nine-month old little boy, I am husband of a wonderful wife, and today I feel serene, even if for our generation – marked by a deep economic and therefore existential insecurity – I cope with the highs and lows of a country, Italy, that every so often forgets to provide support to its own people.

For too long time I have been witnessing suffering an injustice. I believe this man is a great professional, a life mentor for many young people, a man that our country should recognise as a great intellectual and writer. I am talking about Riccardo Orioles, 67 years old, journalist and founder of I Siciliani together with Pippo Fava – former director of this newspaper, murdered by the mafia the 5th of January 1984 – and also together with a group of “carusi” (that is “boys” in the Sicilian language) who were born and grown up on the slopes of Mount Etna [I Siciliani’s story - Italian page:]

Nowadays, Riccardo Orioles lives in Milazzo, Sicily, the town where he was born, surviving with a retirement pension that does not allow him to keep on handling properly his heart disease and age infirmity. Unfortunately his career – lived as writer and journalist with the “back straight”, listening to people who know him well and sometimes give him a pat on the back, maybe – does not permit him an appropriate retirement pension: Riccardo received National Insurance contributions just for four years of work.

The truth is that freedom has a price, and Riccardo’s freedom – perhaps, one of the most important Italian writer still alive – costs him more that to others, as narrated very well in Elena Mortelliti’s documentary . Undoubtedly, Riccardo Orioles’ professional choices have been different from his colleagues’. From the 6th of January 1984, Riccardo has worked toward training new generations of journalists. From the North to the South of Italy, hundreds of reporters, directors and editors of a variety of newspapers have had him as a mentor for professional ethics and, above all, antimafia investigative report. I refer to you this frank and direct videodoc in Italian . A videodoc that we would truly like to be shown in schools.

Over the past years, our appeals to the National Journalists’ Association and the National Press Federation have been of little use. Riccardo can’t make it to the end of the month, even though he keeps on “working”, being a valuable trainer and advisor for many journalists and colleagues. In a drawer he just preserves his four years of paid and “formal” work of his entire life: a newspaper, I Siciliani, of greater significance for the antimafia and our country – before and after Pippo Fava’s murder -, but with not enough financial and economic stability to provide all its editors and associates with a “formal” salary. For all these reasons given above I beg you to consider Riccardo Orioles’s case within the Bacchelli’s Law, thanks to which a fund in support of distinguished citizens in need was established.

This would be the only way to give him the benefit of a retirement contribution useful to his sustenance. The journalist from Milazzo fulfils all requirements for being granted with it: Italian citizenship, no criminal record, an established reputation and merits acquired in fields such as science, literature, arts, economics, work, sport, administrative procedures, or activities occurred. Just like the writer Riccardo Orioles, for whom the 8th of August 1985 the Law number 440 was approved. I would like the Institutions to recognize Orioles’ achievements while he is living and not sanctimoniously after his death.

Luca, a Orioles’ “caruso” (=boy) Notes: a. “Let’s toast in face of “I cavalieri”! b. Facebook Group and Facebook Page